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  AR ac9cf7a6b1 avoid multiple updates and empty messages 10 months ago
  AR e1b63f426a delete saloon messages 10 months ago
  AR 0afabc02e8 switch saloon 10 months ago
  AR 7256577c44 Multiple saloons 10 months ago
  RenonDis 874a2281f2 Merge branch 'col' 11 months ago
  AR e7b63c19a9 login with colors 11 months ago
  RenonDis d852098c86 link to file drop and history scroll 11 months ago
  AR 36abcf7d54 linkify messages and history 11 months ago
  AR 7c95aa75bb avoid warning : "It is not safe to rely on the syst"em's timezone settings." 11 months ago
  RenonDis c94dc3532f rem 11 months ago
  RenonDis d688bcc7d1 initial commit 11 months ago